Metal we use at MAG

Metal we use at MAG

Where Elegance Meets Purity in 925 Silver Jewelry
Welcome to "MAG," where we celebrate the timeless allure of silver through our exquisite 925 silver jewelry pieces. Our brand is committed to crafting high-quality accessories that embody sophistication, uniqueness, and the essence of everlasting beauty.
The Metal We Use

925 Silver

At MAG, we take pride in using 925 silver as the primary metal in our jewelry creations. But what exactly is 925 silver?

Silver Purity

925 silver, also known as Sterling Silver, is an alloy made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. The reason for this specific composition lies in the inherent properties of pure silver. While pure silver, also called fine silver, is exceptionally lustrous and malleable, it is relatively soft and prone to scratches and dents. By combining it with other metals, such as copper or zinc, we enhance its strength and durability, making it suitable for everyday wear.


925 silver is internationally recognized and has been used in crafting jewelry for centuries. To assure our customers of the purity of our creations, each piece of MAG jewelry is stamped with the hallmark "925," indicating its silver content. This hallmark is not just a mark of quality but also a testament to the authenticity and genuine value of our products.

Versatility and Beauty

One of the most enchanting aspects of 925 silver is its ability to complement a vast array of styles. Whether you prefer classic elegance, contemporary chic, or bohemian charm, our 925 silver jewelry effortlessly adapts to your unique personality and fashion sense. The radiant gleam of silver adds a touch of refinement to any ensemble, making it a versatile choice for all occasions.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Health and well-being are paramount to us at MAG. We understand that some individuals may have sensitivities to certain metals. Rest assured, our 925 silver jewelry is hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive skin types. You can indulge in the sheer elegance of our designs without any worries.

Timeless Elegance

Unlike trends that come and go, silver has withstood the test of time as a symbol of elegance and grace. Our 925 silver jewelry embodies this timeless appeal, allowing you to cherish your MAG pieces for years to come.

In conclusion, at “MAG,” we are passionate about creating stunning jewelry pieces that capture the beauty and allure of 925 silver. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and design ensures that each piece we offer becomes a cherished adornment, reflecting the unique essence of the wearer.

Elevate your style with "MAG" - Where Elegance Meets Purity in 925 Silver Jewelry.
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